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Welcome to the James Madison University’s Creatives Fellows, an initiative supported by the College of Visual and Supporting Arts (CVPA).

During the year, fellows work on a cross-disciplinary collaboration or innovation, focused on the local and regional community. Students receive training in design thinking, mentorship from faculty across the university, and get to travel to the a2ru Emerging Creatives conferences to collaborate with students from other universities.

2018 Fellows

Andrew Foote is a junior Music Education major at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia. He is involved in several ensembles as a tuba player, including the JMU Brass Band, and is passionate about traditional music. In the fall of 2017 Andrew was awarded an undergraduate research grant to observe Mountain-Music learning in the Shenandoah Valley, and is currently pursuing a career in elementary music education. In his free time, he enjoys carpentry, instrument construction, and time outdoors.
My name is Kelsie LaPore and I’m a junior at James Madison University studying English and Technical Communication. I’m also a member of Phi Mu (Gamma Theta chapter). I’ve been passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration since I went on a unique study abroad trip to Ireland over the summer of 2017. We were a small group that came from all different majors and in the end this worked to our advantage; what we accomplished was greater than it could have been had we all come from the same academic background. I love bringing my expertise in writing and design to the table when working collaboratively! .
Tanner Leslie: I am a junior graphic design major, studio art minor from James Madison University in Virginia. I was born and raised in Portland, Maine and grew to quickly appreciate art and design as something I could not escape. I’m passionate about using design to solve problems in new ways, effect people to make change, and push the envelope of what and how we communicate. I also have a love for photography and traditional medias such as printmaking and oil painting.

Currently, I work as a junior designer at a branding and packaging design firm in Portland, Maine and while on campus at JMU, a staff photographer for athletics communications. I am also the vice president of JMU’s chapter of Kappa Pi, the international honorary coed art fraternity. I look forward to challenging my expectations of cross-disciplinary collaboration and tackling problems from totally new angles at a2ru!

Emily Setelin is a Junior Studio Art Major at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Concentrating in Photography and Metals, and minoring in Art History, Emily enjoys combining a variety of mediums and processes within her work. She is the Vice President of Chapter Development of Phi Mu’s Gamma Theta Chapter and is on the Executive Board for MadiTHON, a dance marathon benefitting Children’s Miracle Network. She is very excited for the new experiences and challenges being a Creative Fellow will bring and can’t wait to utilize her skills in collaboration with the other Fellows.

Past Fellows

274ffc3  Jenny is a first year Masters student in Music Education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Originally from Woodstock, VA, she completed her undergraduate studies in music at the University of Virginia in the fall of 2013. After graduation, she spent three years working in arts management at performing arts venues in Washington, DC and Charlottesville, and then decided to return to school to pivot her professional goals toward teaching music. She enjoys singing, great food and cooking, as well as running, tv and films.
Photo 1 My name is Anya Kaszubowski and I am a junior at James Madison University in Virginia. I have loved the arts all my life and found my place here at jmu as a Graphic Design major. In addition to my design classes, I have taken many fine arts classes and acquired a passion for printmaking. I am also a member of Kappa Pi, the honors art fraternity, where I interact and collaborate with amazing and creative artists within JMU. Lastly, I love music and am a member of Unaccompanied, an all female A Cappella group at JMU, where I am always surrounded by diverse, strong, inspiring women. I’m very excited to bring my skills and experiences to the creative fellows!
12374770_1258247004201486_2544068460327339136_o Zak Gordon is a Junior Theatre and Interdisciplinary Studies double major. He has enjoyed being a part of JMU’s Speech Team, Meditation Circle, Ring Committee, and Ghost Hunting Club. He is excited by new experiences and ways to challenge his understanding of the world.
livvy  My name is Livvy Call, and I’m a junior dietetics major with minors in Spanish-English interpretation and translation, and Italian. My experiences have taken me to the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York to learn about sustainable farming; to an organic farm and cooking school called the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork, Ireland; and finally to the Morven Summer Institute through the University of Virginia to study the politics of food. I am also one of the founders of the Campus Kitchen at JMU, which is an organization that aims to minimize food waste while feeding the hungry in the Harrisonburg community. While my interests center on matters involving food and nutrition, my passion is to understand and improve the sustainability of our world.
pastedImage My name is Najeeha Khan and I am a senior at James Madison University studying International Relations and Interdisciplinary Religious Studies. I am interested in the role and value of religions to mediate and promote conflict resolution on a global scale. Outside of school, I enjoy improving myself through leadership positions in which I can make a lasting or positive impact on those I lead. I’ve done this as President of the Muslim Student Association as well as a leadership counselor through Make Your Mark On Madison. My hobbies include: artsy endeavors with painting and calligraphy; adventurous undertakings through hiking trips; and reading
RyMy_photo copy  My name is RyanMichael Hirst, and I’m a senior at JMU, double majoring in Computer Science and Religion. In the past I have worked for a government defense contractor called InteliTrac. I worked with two other JMU students as software developers focusing on applications for CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmaceutical vendors.  After graduation I hope to land a web development job. I’m a nerdy one who enjoys watching anime (Japanese animation), playing video games, and spending time with my 7 younger siblings.


2017 Director

Carissa Henriques is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at James Madison University.


2018-2019 Steering Committee

Erica Cavanagh is an Associate Professor of English  at James Madison University.
Dr. David Ehrenpreis is an Professor of Art History at James Madison University.
Dr. Justin Henriques is an Assistant Professor of Engineering and an Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows at James Madison University.
Dr. Michelle Hesse is an Assistant Professor of Dietetics at James Madison University.
Daniel Robinson is an Instructor of Studio Art James Madison University.


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